Office Hours

Posted times are for Winter/Spring 2018.

Last updated: January 19th, 2018
Monday 1PM – 3PM
Tuesday 4PM – 5PM
Wednesday 1PM – 3PM
Thursday 10AM – Noon
Friday 1PM – 2PM, 3PM – 4PM

Come see us in Ramsay Wright room 016!

We will post updates regarding any office hour cancellations, if they occur, as soon as we are aware of them.

If we aren’t in the office, we may be hosting an event – please make sure to check our front page and Facebook. If we are at an event, we’d still be glad to help. Just come over and ask for an exec member.



18 thoughts on “Office Hours

  1. Wasted one hour on finding rw123 which is the office loaction posted on this site. Then I found csbsu office in rw016. And it was closed during the office hour they updated 1 week ago.
    Really nice. SUCH A WASTE OF TIME.

  2. I was waiting at the office today from 3-3:30, the office was locked and no one was there … have the office hours changed? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    Is there anyway possible for students to get access to any of the past tests offered by the csbsu during this exam period? Perhaps schedule an appointment?


  4. Hello,

    I was at the office yesterday (Tuesday ~4pm) hoping to pick up some past tests but no one was at the office. Are you guys closed for the semester? Is there any way I can arrange to pick up some tests?

  5. So I have a test on Thursday, and like any good university student, decided it would be ideal to have access to some past tests. Luckily I found out that 4 years of past tests are contained in the office, so I went to wait around 11:50AM. I see that there’s a note “office re opens at 1 PM”. That’s cool, I’ll come back.

    When 1 rolls around I sit patiently outside, waiting for the office to open. 50 minutes later, nothing. The one time I needed to use my student union…

    • Hello Cathy,

      I apologize greatly for your inconvenience. New office hours were just determined last week and as such, I had forgotten about the new hours allocated to us. If you are still on campus I can open up the office for you. Also, I can meet with you any time prior to 1 pm or after 6 pm tomorrow to give you access to the tests. Alternatively, the office will be open during its normal hours from 2-4 tomorrow. Please let me know what would be good for you.


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