How to Join

General information

Interested in becoming a part of our team for the upcoming year? During late March/early April, send us an email with the subject “CSBSU Exec Position” and:

  • Your name.
  • The position you wish to run for.

For a list of available positions and their corresponding roles, see below.
There is no need to specify reasons for joining or previous experiences! You can save those for your speech. Keep in mind that no previous experience is required, and that attending our previous events is not a requirement for running. However, showing up at our events throughout the year demonstrates dedication and would put you in a more favourable standing for the elections. There is a single requirement – that you take at least one CSB course during the year you run for a position.

After sending us an email, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the election date. We will post more info about the election date in April, so stay tuned.

Remember, as an exec member, you are expected to perform your assigned duties, attend and help out in our events, attend office hours and meetings weekly. Before you run for a position, make sure you have the time to commit to club activities.


Position descriptions

Co-presidents (2)

  • Shall chair all meetings
  • Shall be responsible to ASSU for all the funds allocated to the union by ASSU
  • Shall keep the student body informed of who the members of the CSBSU executives are and the services that they can provide to the students
  • Shall provide reference letters when requested
  • Shall provide an atmosphere that encourages all members of the CSBSU to share and learn throughout the year


  • Will act as president in the CSBSU president’s absence
  • Shall respond to students’ inquiries (via email) and direct those inquiries to the appropriate member of the executive
  • Attend ASSU meetings in the absence of the President


  • Will keep and distribute minutes of all meetings
  • Keep a paper trail of all relevant information in order to pass on this information to the future executives
  • Shall collect executive members timetables and set up meeting times and office hours
  • Shall be available to support any members regarding written documentation

Academic Rep

  • Coordinating with the department for arranging academic events and seminars
  • Representing the CSBSU in departmental events.


  • Is responsible to the members of the organization for all the revenue
  • Shall collect and file all CSBSU receipts to ASSU
  • Will keep a record of all account balances
  • Will keep all financial records

Technical Coordinator

  • Is responsible for the maintenance of the CSBSU website (as webmaster)
  • Shall assist members with IT related matters

ASSU Representative

  • Will act as a liaison between ASSU and the union, and is responsible for advising the executives of changes within either organization
  • Shall attend ASSU School Council Meetings

Second Year Representative

  • Will assist second year CSB students
  • Will answer any queries about 100- and 200-level courses

Third Year Representative

  • Will assist third year CSB students
  • Will answer any queries about 300-level courses

Fourth Year Representative

  • Will assist fourth (and higher) year CSB students
  • Will answer any queries about 400-level courses
  • Will assist with and direct any graduate program questions to the proper person or department

Public Relations Representative

  • Shall organize events for all ages and all years
  • Shall keep a paper trail regarding the success and failures/improvements of social events
  • Shall keep a list of all relevant contacts
  • Shall create and print posters and flyers for CSBSU events and activities
  • Shall organize the executives to distribute posters and organizing schedules for class announcements
  • Shall contact other unions and departments when needed

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