2016 – 2017 Election

Vote here, voting closes 11:59PM on Apr 6th!


CSBSU Elections 2016-2017

Time: Weds. Apr. 6th 5-6PM

Location: RW010

Food: Pizza and refreshments


Do you want to get more involved in leading student life initiatives? Do you want to build on your transferrable skills? Are you looking to meet friends who are taking the same classes as you? If so, then run for an executive position for the Cell & Systems Biology Student Union 2016-2017.


The following positions are available

Co-Presidents (2)

Vice-President (1)

Treasure (1)

Secretary (1) 

Academic Representative (1)

Public Relations Representative (1)

Arts and Science Student Union Representative (1)

4th Year Representative (1)

3rd Year Representative (1)

2nd Year Representative (1)

Design & Media Representative (1)


If you are interested in running, please email us the following information to csbsu.uoft@gmail.com by April 5th 11:59PM

1. Name

2. Year of Study

3. Program of Study

4. CSB courses you’ve taken and/or planning to take (BIO130 and BIO230 can also be included)

5. Position you are running for

6. Short paragraph of autobiographical sketch (50-100 words)

You will receive CCR validation for your hard work. You are at the liberty to host pub nights, game nights, academic seminars, conferences, career/professional/graduate related seminars, mentorship programs, hoodie sales and the list goes on! Take control of what you are learning inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom and make an impact on the student body.

All of the positions are available to full-time students enrolled in any CSB program or enrolled in at least 1 CSB course (including BIO130 & BIO230) in the current year. You are eligible to vote if you have taken a CSB course or currently taking a CSB course. No previous experiences required! 


We look forward to seeing you on elections! 


https://www.facebook.com/events/1714542212094052/ <- Click on the Facebook Event to RSVP!