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Confirmed Professors for Meet Your Profs Night!

If you’ve been on the fence about attending Meet Your Profs Night on March 30th, then check out this list of confirmed professors!

  • Ashley E. Bruce
  • John Calarco
  • Tony J. C. Harris
  • Shelley Lumba
  • Eiji Nambara
  • John H. Peever
  • Sergey V. Plotnikov
  • Keiko Yoshioka

Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this list as more confirmations roll in!

Find the main event post here. 

Elections 2017-18

Looking for candidates!

Positions available:

  • Co-Presidents (2)
  • Vice-President (1)
  • Treasurer (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Academic Representative (1)
  • Public Relations Representative (1)
  • Arts and Science Student Union Representative (1)
  • 4th Year Representative (1)
  • 3rd Year Representative (1)
  • 2nd Year Representative (1)
  • Design & Media Representative (1)

If you are interested in running, please email us the following information to by April 2nd 11:59PM. The subject of the email must be “CSBSU 2017-2018 Election Candidate+Your Name”. Each student can run for a maximum of 2 positions.

  1. Name
  2. Year of Study
  3. Program of Study
  4. CSB courses you’ve taken and/or planning to take next year
  5. Position you are running for
  6. Short paragraph of speech (100 – 150 words)

All of the positions are available to full-time students enrolled in any CSB program or enrolled in at least 1 CSB course (including BIO130 & BIO230) in the current year. You are eligible to vote if you have taken a CSB course or currently taking a CSB course. No previous experience required!

We look forward to seeing you on election day!